Kali Linux OS Review

So you’ve taken an interest in computer security and you’re looking for the right tools to get you going. And that all starts with choosing the right OS. It’s clear that Windows has too many vulnerabilities to be a viable OS option. And macOS, while more secure, requires special and …

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Peer-to-Peer… or Prosecution-to-Prison: Is Torrenting Illegal?

Wondering if torrenting is illegal? We don’t blame you – there’s a lot of conflicting information out there. You’ve read horror stories about million-dollar lawsuits, bankruptcies and even criminal charges due to torrenting. You sit through unskippable anti-piracy warnings filled with threatening language every time you watch a Blu-ray movie. …

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What Is Internet Privacy?

What Is Internet Privacy? On Big Data Tactics and Personal Data Protections A few years ago, you’d rarely hear about internet privacy outside of industry journals and techie blogs. Today, it’s absolutely everywhere, from coffee shop conversations to the world’s biggest newspapers. Hackers violate it, but so do social media …

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TENS OS Review

We’ve all got that one friend who’s, frankly, terrible at computer security. It can be pretty painful watching them close 20 pop-up ads and spammy notifications every time the computer turns on. You can’t help but groan when you see the adware toolbars taking up real estate in the browser. …

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Penetration Testing and Capture the Flag (CTF) Labs

Penetration Testing Web Resources Resources to practice penetration testing and to prepare for the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) certification. VulnHub Reading about digital security can only get you so far. VulnHub provides the resources you need to gain practical experience in network administration and pen-testing. Beginners and experts …

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