Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity & Internet Privacy Companies

Privacy requires security. They go hand in hand.

Listed below are cutting-edge companies offering products that can help you to defend your network against cyber attacks.

Category: Cyber Deception

TrapX Security

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Founded in 2012 by Ben-Simon and Yuval Malach, TrapX Security offers cyber deception technology, which aims to detect cyber attacks in real-time. Their flagship offering, called DeceptionGrid, provides automated network decoys to identify and thwart ongoing computer network exploitation.

Plain English: In other words, when the bad guys get into your network, they won’t know what’s real and what’s not. And when they attempt to hack one of the decoys (dynamic honeypots introduced by TrapX), TrapX notifies you so you can take action.


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Based in Sunnyvale, California, United States and Tel Aviv, Israel.

Founded in 2014 by Guy Bejerano and Itzik Kotler, SafeBreach offers software to simulate controlled breaches to ready infosec teams for real network compromises. The company bills its software as offensive security because it attempts to identify breach scenarios across your network.

Category: Penetration Testing

Hack The Box

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Founded in 2017 by Haris Pylarinos, James Hooker, and Aris Zikopoulous, and based in the United Kingdom.

Hack The Box is an online training playground for penetration testers. The environment simulates real-world scenarios using capture-the-flag style challenges and enhances a user’s cybersecurity skillset through actual practice.

Category: ICS Security


Visit CyberX: Crunchbase | LinkedIn

CyberX offers a platform to secure internet of things (IoT) devices and industrial control system (ICS) software.

Category: Voting (Politics)


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Voatz offers a platform using blockchain technology to make voting safer and more accessible.

Category: Phishing


Real-time anti-phishing platform.

Non-Categorized Companies


Protects the mobile device attack surface.

Contrast Security

Aqua Security




Bishop Fox

Founded in 2005, Bishop Fox is a global offensive security consulting firm, serving as trusted advisors to the Fortune 1000, financial institutions, and high-tech startups. Our mission is to secure our clients and their business.


Digital Shadows





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