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Github Privacy Policy

Github: Build software better, together.

Last Updated Apr 24 2018


What are the threats to your privacy when using Github

We didn't find any major threat to your privacy yet 🤗
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Data shared with Github

Password App Information YES
Referring site App Information YES
User name App Information YES
Browser type Device YES
Language preference Device YES
Ip address Device YES
Email Personal Information YES
Date and time of each visitor request Time YES
Personal picture App Information NO
Name Personal Information NO

How to protect your privacy on Github

Keep your email address private

You can hide your email address from your Github public profile

Review and delete unnecessary applications

Github may share data with third-party applications

How to delete your Github account

To delete your Github account, visit your Account settings and click on "Delete your account".

How to contact Github about your privacy

You may contact GitHub by filling out their Privacy contact form
You may also email them directly at [email protected] with the subject line "Privacy Shield Concerns." GitHub will respond within 45 days at the latest.

Questions about the Privacy Policy of Github

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