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Internet security is a pressing issue nowadays, given the increasing number of cybercrimes in the world. From sudden information leaks to identity theft cases, it seems as though hackers are getting smarter and smarter. Those who work for Internet security companies need to step up their game to catch up.

This is the consequence of a free Internet field: everyone has the freedom to access whatever site they want, a fact that hackers use to bait in victims. That’s why anyone in a country that is enjoying this freedom to surf needs to be responsible for his or her safety as well. One example is Norway, a place that has little to no restrictions in terms of Internet access.

Internet Freedom in Norway

In Norway, there is a law in place that prohibits anyone from making offensive statements towards anyone because of their lifestyle, skin color, or political and religious views. Their regulations also seek to block child pornography sites from being accessed by anyone.

The Norwegian government’s most notable act of enforcing Internet usage is its blockage of some popular file-sharing services. One of them is The Pirate Bay, a popular website where people can illegally download torrents of video games, movies, and music. Other sites that perpetuate piracy were also banned in Norway.

About Norway


Norway is another European country along the northern part of the continent. It’s also known as the Kingdom Of Norway. The role of Antarctica called Queen Maud Land is a part of the territory of this country.

The estimated total population of Norway is around 5,328,212, and it has an area of 385,207 km squared, translating to 148,729 sq. mi. Norway’s government is described as unitary, parliamentary, and a constitutional monarchy. Its central government is composed of a monarch, a prime minister, and a president.

Norway is famously known for being the home of the Vikings, a group of seafarers who raided and took over several land areas all over Europe. They formed part of what is called Norse Mythology, where gods like Thor and Odin were brought to life through stories passed down from generation to generation. Until today, their mythological figures inspire book authors and media practitioners all over the world.

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As a country, Norway is very progressive in terms of its way of thinking. It was the first country to recognize that the rights of the LGBT community must be protected and maintained. They are also very accepting of ideas regarding gender equality and have enforced this early on.

In terms of Internet usage, Norway has about 5,167,573 Internet users, which amounts to 98.1% of the population. About 3.4 million citizens of Norway are currently active on Facebook.

Telenor is one of the top telecommunication companies in Norway, responsible for allowing citizens to access the Internet in their country. Another tech company from Norway is Kahoot!, an Oslo-based quiz-making website used around the world in schools and corporate settings. There’s also an artificial intelligence assistant called Boost.ai made by a Norwegian start-up, tailored for companies in Norway.

Why You Should Use VPNs in Norway

Why do you need VPN in Norway?

As mentioned above, the freedom to use the Internet in Norway comes with the risk of being exposed to hackers and nosy government authorities. Using a VPN will protect you from the risks associated with being identified, which is why it’s an absolute necessity for you. Here are other reasons why you should use a VPN if you are in Norway.

1. Never Lose Access to Content Exclusive to Your Country

In the same way that the US restricts Hulu to US citizens, someone from Norway may also lose access to certain locally available websites if they travel abroad. This is a concern, especially if the site is of a local bank and they would need to move funds while far from home.

This situation can be remedied by using VPNs. All they have to do is to manipulate the IP address to appear as if they are still in their home country. That way, any blockages may be bypassed.

2. Remove the Risk of Being Traced Due to Risky Searches

If you’re researching topics that are a bit damaging, such as pornography or crimes, your search history may be traced, and you will be wrongfully tagged as a suspicious person. This is especially true in schools, where students may sometimes need to type in risky keywords for their dissertation or essay. It’s a big hassle to explain your activity to authorities if you are called in for questioning.

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A VPN will be able to mask your activity enough for you to research in peace. As mentioned, Norway is stringent in terms of cybercrimes, so typing associated words may get you tagged by the government. Avoid the risk by just hiding your activity in the first place.

3. Avoid Overpricing by Certain Websites

Believe it or not, some online stores and hotel websites track your activity on the Internet and adjust their displayed prices accordingly. It’s a dirty trick unknown to some, but something essential to take note of if you’re looking to save money. If they notice that you have been browsing other competitor sites already, displayed prices will increase.

The same is also true with airline ticketing websites. Ticket prices notoriously go up if your Internet activity shows that you have been looking at other sites. It’s best to hide your history from them with the use of VPNs.

By encrypting your browsing activities, other websites will not know that you have been to competitor stores. It will appear as if you viewed their website first; thus, the price adjustments won’t occur. You’ll be able to save on costs this way.

4. Maintaining Your Privacy Is a Basic Human Right

Every person is entitled to keeping his or her privacy. As much as authorities want to pre-emptively watch for criminal activity, they should still learn to give their citizens their space. Ideally, that would be the case, but some governments just can’t let their people browse in peace.

Whatever your purpose on the Internet is, you have to use VPNs to protect yourself. The very fact that it can block others from seeing what you do online should be enough reason for you to use one. Your privacy is a precious right that others must never infringe on.

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5. Maintain Phone and Video Call Privacy

Calls made through apps and social networking sites are prone to eavesdropping from would-be hackers and online watchdogs. Your conversations may be logged if you conduct calls without any sort of protection.

It’s safer to do calls while using a VPN since it hides your activity from others. It also makes you harder to trace, in case your video image is exposed.

6. Share P2P Files Anonymously

While P2P file sharing is notorious for proliferating pirated files, it’s still a useful tool that allows users to share large files with one another. Given that Norway has blocked these sites, using it will be close to impossible already.

With the use of VPNs, you will be able to bypass country restrictions and be able to use P2P file sharing sites again. In addition, it blocks government authorities from detecting your IP address as you share files.

7. Safety When Using Hotel WI-Fi

Hotels often provide free Wi-Fi services for their guests to make their stay more comfortable. However, if the hotel’s Wi-Fi service is not secure, you will be at risk for hackers who are trying to fish for IP addresses. They can also create a fake Wi-Fi hotspot that resembles the one offered by the hotel.

To guard yourself, browse using a VPN so that your real IP address will be hidden and you will be able to hide your Internet activity. It’s better than continuing to expose yourself as you enjoy what the hotel has to offer.

If the reasons above do not convince you to use a VPN, we don’t know what will. Your information is a precious resource for hackers, and it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe when browsing the Internet. It’s a cliché, but prevention is indeed better than cure, so don’t put yourself in danger and use VPNs whenever you can.

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