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Snapchat Privacy Policy

Snapchat: The fastest way to share a moment

Last Updated May 1 2018


What are the threats to your privacy when using Snapchat

Information from Third Parties If another user allows Snapchat to collect information from their device phonebook—and you’re one of that user’s contacts— they "may combine the information [they] collect from that user’s phonebook with other information [they] have collected about you. [They] may also obtain information from [their] affiliates, or any other third-party sources, and combine that with the information [they] collect". Read More
Device information Snapchat may determine your location by using "methods that include GPS, wireless networks, cell towers, Wi-Fi access points, and other sensors, such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, and compasses.". Read More
Content shared through public features can be retained If you submit content to one of Snapchat's inherently public features, such as Our Story or any other crowd-sourced service, they "may retain the content as long as necessary to offer and improve the services". Read More
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Data shared with Snapchat

Which channels you watch on discover App Information YES
Password App Information YES
Referral pages App Information YES
Pages viewed App Information YES
Custom stickers App Information YES
Your interactions with messages App Information YES
Which friends you exchange messages with the most App Information YES
Number of messages you exchange with your friends App Information YES
Names of people you are communicating with App Information YES
Which search queries you submit App Information YES
Which filters you view or apply to snaps App Information YES
Microphones information Device YES
Unique device identifiers Device YES
Browser type Device YES
Device language Device YES
Battery level Device YES
Time zone Device YES
Accelerometers information Device YES
Gyroscopes information Device YES
Compasses information Device YES
Whether you have headphones connected Device YES
Mobile phone number Device YES
Service provider Device YES
Signal strength Device YES
Ip address Device YES
Hardware model Device YES
Operating system version Device YES
Device memory Device YES
Advertising identifiers Device YES
Unique application identifiers Device YES
Apps installed Device YES
Phone number Personal Information YES
Date of birth Personal Information YES
Username Personal Information YES
Email address Personal Information YES
Access times Time YES
Time and date of your communications Time YES
Snaps App Information NO
Chats to your friends App Information NO
Profile pictures App Information NO
Access to your camera or photos Device NO
Device’s phonebook Device NO
Debit or credit card number Payment NO
Name Personal Information NO

How to protect your privacy on Snapchat

Opt out of Activity-Based Ads

Activity-Based Ads help advertisers show relevant ads to their desired audience.

Opt out of Audience-Based Ads

Audience-Based Ads help advertisers show relevant ads to their desired audience.

Turn location services off

Turn location services off from your phone

How to delete your Snapchat account

To delete your Snapchat account, just go here

How to contact Snapchat about your privacy

If have questions about anything in Snapchat's Privacy Policy, you can contact them here.

Questions about the Privacy Policy of Snapchat

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