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Telegram Messenger Privacy Policy

Telegram Messenger: Whatsapp-esque messaging app but open, cloudbased, encrypted

Last Updated Apr 26 2018


What are the threats to your privacy when using Telegram Messenger

Copy of messages When you delete a message, you delete it from your message history. This means that a copy still stays on the server as part of your partner‘s message history. As soon as your partner deletes it too, it’s gone forever. Read More
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Data shared with Telegram Messenger

Messages (encrypted) App Information YES
Photos (encrypted) App Information YES
Videos (encrypted) App Information YES
Documents (encrypted) App Information YES
Email address App Information NO
Contacts book Personal Information NO

How to protect your privacy on Telegram Messenger

Clear all payment information associated with your account

Telegram may store shipping information and a token linked to your payment information

How to delete your Telegram Messenger account

If you would like to delete your account, you can do this on the deactivation page. Deleting your account permanently removes all your messagesgroups and contacts. This action must be confirmed via your Telegram account and cannot be undone.

How to contact Telegram Messenger about your privacy

If you have any other questions, you can contact Telegram Support (in Telegram go to Settings — Ask a question).

Questions about the Privacy Policy of Telegram Messenger

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