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Twitter Privacy Policy

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Last Updated Apr 23 2018


What are the threats to your privacy when using Twitter

Your contact information can be used for several purpose If you provide Twitter with your phone number, you agree to receive text messages to that number from them. Twitter may "use your contact information to send you information about our Services, to market to you, to help prevent spam, fraud, or abuse, and to help others find your account, including through third-party services and client applications". Read More
Twitter get access to your private communications through Direct Messages When you privately communicate with others through Twitter, such as by sending and receiving Direct Messages, Twitter will store and process your communications, and information related to them. Read More
Other users can provide your contact information Other Twitter users can share your contact information by importing their address book, without asking your permission. Twitter uses this information to "help you find and connect with users you know or help other users find and connect with you". Read More
Device information Twitter determines your location "by using other data from your device, such as precise location information from GPS, information about wireless networks or cell towers near your mobile device, or your IP address". Read More
Information about you from other users Other users may share or disclose information about you, such as when they mention you, share a photo of you, or tag you in a photo. Read More
Use of log data for inferences Twitter uses log data "to make inferences, like what topics you may be interested in, and to customize the content we show you, including ads". Read More
Your information is widely shared by default As stated in their privacy policy, "Twitter broadly and instantly disseminates your public information to a wide range of users, customers, and services, including search engines, developers, and publishers that integrate Twitter content into their services, and organizations such as universities, public health agencies, and market research firms that analyze the information for trends and insights". Read More
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Data shared with Twitter

Search terms App Information YES
Password App Information YES
Username App Information YES
Client application you used to tweet App Information YES
Language App Information YES
Country App Information YES
Time zone App Information YES
Lists you create App Information YES
People you follow App Information YES
Tweets you like or retweet App Information YES
Periscope broadcasts you click App Information YES
Referring web page App Information YES
Pages visited App Information YES
Location App Information YES
Mobile carrier Device YES
Ip address Device YES
Device identifiers Device YES
Browser type Device YES
Operating system Device YES
Name Personal Information YES
Third-party website authentification Third-party YES
Third-party website visit Third-party YES
Account creation time Time YES
Sign in time Time YES
Email notifications interactions Time YES
Time of tweets Time YES
Picture App Information NO
Tweets App Information NO
Your website App Information NO
Location App Information NO
Address book Personal Information NO
Phone number Personal Information NO
Short biography Personal Information NO
Date of birth Personal Information NO
Email address Personal Information NO

How to protect your privacy on Twitter

Manage your Twitter data

See which data Twitter gathered about you and change it

Stop allowing people to tag you in photos

Do not allow anyone to tag you in photos

Protect your tweets

Choose who can see your tweets

Review and delete unnecessary applications

Twitter share data with third-party applications

Turn location services off

Turn location services off from your phone

How to delete your Twitter account

  1. Sign in to on the web. 
  2. Go to your Account settings and click on Deactivate my account at the bottom of the page.
  3. Read the account deactivation information. Click Deactivate @username.  
  4. Enter your password when prompted and verify that you want to deactivate your account.

Your account will be queued for permanent deletion from Twitter (up to 30 days).

How to contact Twitter about your privacy

If you have questions about Twitter's privacy policy, you can contact them here or writing at the appropriate address below.

For accounts based in the United States:

Twitter, Inc.
Attn: Privacy Policy Inquiry
1355 Market Street, Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94103

For accounts outside the United States:

Twitter International Company
Attn: Privacy Policy Inquiry
One Cumberland Place, Fenian Street
Dublin 2, D02 AX07 IRELAND

Questions about the Privacy Policy of Twitter

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