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Compared to previous years, internet freedom in Indonesia has improved recently. Internet freedom is partly enjoyed by its people, as online censorship is still prevalent in the country. Keep reading to find out about Internet privacy in Indonesia and why getting a VPN is a practical move when you’re living, working, or traveling in Indonesia.

Internet Freedom in Indonesia

Blocking of content is done in the pretext of fighting the dissemination of fake news, pornography, and terrorism. Contents relating to LGBTI community are also being blocked.

In 2018, the government launched Cyber Drone 9, a system run by AI which detects online content violations. It is monitored by a special team that reviews flagged contents and materials.

Indonesia has blocked social media applications, blocked political content, and arrested online journalists and bloggers. LGBTI themed applications were also blocked in application stores.

In terms of access, internet accessibility is hindered mainly by Indonesia’s geography. Internet penetration has reached 50%, but it is largely concentrated in the western islands.

The rise of mobile subscriptions aided in the growth of internet penetration. However, the lack of fixed line subscriptions and infrastructure limit data coverage and makes internet access expensive.

Mobile phones are the most commonly used means of internet access. The prevalence of affordable Android phones makes it the most practical option for Indonesians.

Distribution of affordable prepaid mobile packages is not uniform across the country. Mobile data users in some parts of the country pay more for the same data volume than in Java.

About Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago of 17,000 islands that lie along the equator, between Indian and Pacific oceans. It has an area of 1,910, 931 square kilometers, and spans one-eighth of the circumference of the Earth.

The world’s largest archipelago has a population of around 200 million. It is home to more than 200 ethnic groups, each with their own local dialect.

Indonesia is mainly a Muslim country. However, it also recognizes other religions in the country which include Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Confucianism.

The increase in internet penetration has reached many households, with 143.26 million Indonesians having access to the Internet. Indonesians spend, on the average, 8 hours and 51 minutes per day online.

The top Indonesian ISP’s include Biznet, Firstmedia, IndiHome, Indosat Ooredoo GIG, and MNC Play Media.

Why You Need a VPN in Indonesia

Indonesia is a religious country. There are many policies in place that root from religion and its culture.

If you are from Indonesia, or you are only visiting, here are some reasons why a VPN is a must.

  • A VPN can protect you by keeping your anonymity.

Indonesia is a country where online users have been arrested due to critical and inappropriate content. If you are a tourist, you might not be completely aware of what is acceptable and what is not.

A VPN can give you anonymity when you go online in Indonesia. Still, it would be prudent to be careful of the things that you post online.

  • A VPN can help you avoid identity theft and fraudulent card use.

Whenever you give your information online, you make yourself prone to identity theft. Identity thefts can lead to online criminals using your credit cards for fraudulent transactions.

  • A VPN can make your connection secure, even in public.

Public Wi-Fi’s are notoriously unsafe. However, if you often connect in one, a VPN can help secure your connection.

  • A VPN can help you access restricted websites.

Websites with sensitive content, such as LBGT, are blocked in Indonesia. A VPN can help you access these blocked websites in Indonesia.

  • A VPN can let you work safely.

Most companies rely on VPN’s to let their employees work off-site. A VPN provides a safer environment, where sensitive data are encrypted for protection.

  • A VPN can circumvent data throttling policies.

A VPN hides your online usage and activities, even to your provider. Surf and stream without falling victim to your provider’s throttling policies.

  • A VPN provides you peace of mind.

A VPN lets you use the internet without all the worries. It protects the information that you send and receive and masks your IP and location.

Get a reliable and secure VPN in Indonesia, and you can enjoy the Internet like never before.

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