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Argentina enjoys steady and consistent internet freedom, which was a result of the merging of regulatory bodies which consists of the Federal Authority of Audiovisual Communication Services (AFSCA) and the Federal Authority for Information Technology and Communications (AFTIC) into a new regulatory body: the National Communications Authority (ENACOM). In 2015, a 69 percent penetration rate was reported in Argentina. In this article, we further give you a background of internet privacy in Argentina and how a VPN can help you deal with it.

Internet Freedom in Argentina

With a rating of above 70 percent, the penetration rate of Argentina is among the highest in Latin America. In fact, it’s the highest among the world along with Spain, Germany, and the U.S. Along with the promise of social and political reform from the administration of President Mauricio Macri, a shift in public policy priorities necessitated 4 directors that would possibly exercise influence on the regulatory body.

Part of President Macri’s internet reform was to provide a Federal Internet Plan, which will provide quality broadband to 29 million Argentinians. This enabled the increase of locations that had access to the internet to 19 provinces in the country.

Additionally, the Argentinian government does not impose restrictions on bandwidth; neither do they block the internet. Because of the emergency decree that President Macri enacted called the Argentina Digital Law, telecommunications services were guaranteed for all Argentina citizens.

About Argentina

Argentina, a country with a population of 44. 27 million, is the eighth largest country in the world. With a total land area of 2,780,400 km², it is 4 times the size of Texas and the second largest country in South America.

In December 2017, there are around 41,586,960 Internet users in Argentina, which comprises 93.1% of the population. The average internet speed in Argentina is 1.03 Mbps download and 0.97 Mbps upload speeds.

Argentina has varying internet speeds but averages at 5.3 Mbps, which lags behind the world average of 6.3 Mbps. Most ISP subscriptions are broadband, while less than 1 percent are dial-up connections. 

The top 10 fastest ISPs in Argentina are:

  • Telecentro S.A
  • Cablevision Argentina
  • Cablevision S.A
  • Claro Argentina
  • Gigared S.A
  • Telecom Personal
  • Ver Tv S.A
  • Telefonica de Argentina
  • Telecom Argentina S.A

Argentina is fast becoming Latin America’s leading tech hub. This is a result of President Macri’s new policies that encourage growth and reliance on entrepreneurship. The top tech companies in Argentina are MercadoLibre, which is Latin America’s leading e-commerce company, OLX, Despegar, and Globant.

Because of the country’s progressive policies, Argentina expects a rise in GDP by 1.5 percent coming from the tech sector. For over a decade, the software industry in Argentina has grown significantly creating domestic and export services.

Consequently, access to the internet has also increased in the country in the last 10 years. There are no restrictions on connectivity in Argentina, the government not exercising control over telecommunications and not imposing bandwidth limit among users.

Argentina, located at the southern part of Southern America, was a colony of Spain in the 16th century. Around 97% of the population are Europeans, composed of mostly Spanish and Italian, while 3% is comprised of mestizos or creoles.

A cultural and highly literate South American country, Argentina is well-known for one of their national symbols, the tango, a dance genre which is a fusion of African and Jazz music.  It is a highly urbanized city, with manufacturing as the largest sector in the economy.

Why you need a VPN in Argentina

VPN or virtual private network is a technology that allows for a safe internet connection. It gives additional security to your online connections and private data. Here are the reasons why you need a VPN in Argentina.

  • To avoid interception

Having public Wi-Fi is convenient and opens up new possibilities. Public Wi-Fi may be available in malls, airports, hotels, and other public places. But no matter how enticing public Wi-Fi is, it is primarily dangerous and risky.

Connecting to public Wi-Fi opens up its users to the danger of cybercrime, which includes eavesdropping, identity theft, and data snooping.

To avoid public Wi-Fi interception, users must consider using a VPN. VPN prevents interception when it comes to using public Wi-Fi by using a different IP location to make you anonymous. This ensures that your data is safe and makes sure that your IP address is hidden.

  • To get through government censorship

Argentina has had some history of blocking some apps like Uber. Having a VPN can allow you to gain access to any website that the government has blocked.

  • To avoid hacking in VOIP calls

Voice-over-IP calls or internet phone calls are always in danger of being hacked especially those with sophisticated hacking skills. A VPN will create an encrypted tunnel where your calls can pass through. This will make your calls more secure and can help you bypass restrictions.

  • To secure your online banking

In Argentina, many have turned to online banking through web services and mobile apps. Because of online banking, many Argentinians now enjoy the convenience of bank transaction in the comfort of their own homes.

Banks generally make your transactions safe by employing security measures. However, doing your transactions online still opens you up to the possibility of identity theft and online fraud. Also, each time you access the internet, your IP address gets your location and keep track of your online activity.

To lessen the danger of losing your hard earned money online, you can install a VPN. With a VPN, you can be sure that your online bank transactions remain secure by concealing your personal data.

  • Have a safe online shopping experience

It was reported that there are 16.8 million online shoppers in Argentina, which is why the possibility of growth of e-Commerce in the country is foreseen in the coming years. As many Argentinians enjoy online shopping, many also run the risk of getting their credit card passwords hacked.

There is also the risk of logging on your financial information on a fake website. When this happens, your online privacy will be compromised.

By having a VPN that adds an extra layer of protection, online shoppers can have the peace of mind when doing their online shopping. Also, because your data is encrypted, you can enjoy discounts matter where your location is.

  • Safe use of streaming video content

Streaming media in the form of streaming video content is a popular means of receiving multimedia by a provider. However, by streaming through public Wi-Fi, you become vulnerable to intruders and hackers.

Another issue with streaming media is streaming content in your office or school. In these premises, you may have policies that will prevent you from accessing certain websites.

Also, in some instances, a number of US-based servers are not available in Argentina. There are also times when not all services and channels are available in all countries. Through VPN, aside from having your personal data safe from hacking, you will also be able to access servers and stream content from hour office or school without any problem.

  • To protect the media

Although the relationship between the press and the Argentinian government has improved, journalists must be cautious in conducting their research. It is beneficial to have secure access to the internet while research, at the same time hiding the activity from the government for safety reasons.

It is also noteworthy that there has been an issue of controversies in Argentina regarding the media. There had been written and verbal attacks directed towards journalists. When altercations like these happen, the credibility of journalism is compromised.

Through a VPN, journalists can do their work without having to worry about online third-party surveillance while. At the same time, they can also access data on restricted websites.

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