Eufy Security SoloCam S340, Outdoor Solar Surveillance Camera

I was thrilled to receive the eufy Security SoloCam S340 Outdoor Surveillance Camera in a timely manner. The delivery was smooth and the packaging was secure, ensuring the product arrived in perfect condition. With my years of expertise in Surveillance Cameras, I was eager to test this product and it didn’t disappoint. The setup was effortless, thanks to its compact size and wireless design. The camera was up and running within 5 minutes, ready to provide security for my home.

Eufy Security SoloCam S340, Outdoor Solar Surveillance Camera

The functionality of this camera is impressive. The 360\u00b0 coverage ensures there are no blind spots, providing comprehensive surveillance of my property. The on-device AI that automatically tracks moving objects is a feature I particularly loved. It’s like having an extra pair of eyes that never blink. The camera”s 3K resolution and 8\u00d7 zoom allowed me to see every detail clearly, even from a distance.

I would highly recommend the eufy Security SoloCam S340 to anyone in need of a reliable outdoor surveillance camera. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to secure your property or a business owner wanting to monitor your premises, this camera is a great choice. The solar-powered feature means it”s always active, providing lasting security without the need for constant battery changes.

However, like any product, it has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages include: easy installation, 360\u00b0 coverage, high-resolution imaging, solar-powered, and AI tracking. Disadvantages include: reliance on good weather for solar charging, and potential WiFi connectivity issues.


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  • Easy installation
  • 360\u00b0 coverage
  • High-resolution imaging
  • Solar-powered
  • AI tracking


  • Reliance on good weather for solar charging
  • Potential WiFi connectivity issues


The eufy Security SoloCam S340 is a reliable outdoor surveillance camera with impressive features such as 360\u00b0 coverage and AI tracking.

The solar-powered feature ensures it’s always active, providing lasting security.

Despite a few minor drawbacks, its advantages make it a great choice for both homeowners and business owners.


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