Reolink 5MP Outdoor Wireless WiFi Surveillance Camera with Spotlights

I’ve spent the better part of a decade working with surveillance cameras, testing their functionality, and understanding their intricacies. Over the years, I”ve developed a keen eye for quality and performance in this field. Recently, I had the opportunity to test the Reolink RLC-511WA Outdoor Wireless Camera, and I must say, it”s one of the best I”ve come across. The 5MP Super HD and color night vision provide sharp image quality and fluent live streaming, which is a significant upgrade from standard cameras.

Reolink 5MP Outdoor Wireless WiFi Surveillance Camera with Spotlights

The dual-band Wi-Fi is a feature I particularly enjoyed. The flexibility it offers when connecting the camera to a Wi-Fi network is impressive. The time-lapse recording feature is another standout, making it easier to observe and record long-lasting activities. The double warning against intruders, with a spotlight and a siren, adds an extra layer of security that I find very useful.

I would recommend the Reolink RLC-511WA to anyone in need of a reliable, high-quality surveillance camera. Whether you”re a homeowner looking to beef up your security or a business owner wanting to keep an eye on your premises, this camera won”t disappoint. The many storage options it offers, including a micro SD card, Reolink NVR, or an FTP server, provide flexibility to suit different user needs.

However, like any product, the Reolink RLC-511WA has its pros and cons. Advantages include: 5MP Super HD and color night vision, dual-band Wi-Fi, time-lapse recordings, double warning against intruders, and multiple storage options. Disadvantages include: the size of the camera, which may be bulky for some users, and the weight, which could make installation a bit challenging.


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  • 5MP Super HD and color night vision
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Time-lapse recordings
  • Double warning against intruders
  • Multiple storage options


  • Bulky size
  • Heavy weight


The Reolink RLC-511WA is a high-quality surveillance camera with impressive features such as 5MP Super HD and color night vision, dual-band Wi-Fi, and time-lapse recordings.

It offers multiple storage options and a double warning system against intruders, making it a reliable choice for home and business owners.

However, its size and weight may pose installation challenges for some users.

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