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VPN for Singapore

Singapore is a rich and progressive state in South East Asia. It is described as one of the economic tigers of Asia and has a tightly controlled media environment as well as internet content. In this article, we discuss Internet usage in Singapore and delve into the reasons why you need to have a Singapore VPN.

Internet Freedom in Singapore

Singapore continues to promote digital technologies, while at the same time restricting its use for political opinions. Availability of internet access in Singapore is high, reaching many households across the state.

The Singaporean government introduced a paper by the Ministry of Communications and Information and the Ministry of Law. It laid out the troubles that false news propagated online can cause and the responses that the government can take.

The government has also laid down restrictions of social media expression in times of serious and critical events. This is to avoid large scale public scare and disorder during said events.

There are no known ICT and social media apps blocked in Singapore. Although there are restrictions on online political expressions, there are no political and social contents blocked.

Singapore has blocked a few religious extremist sites, pornographic sites, and a Canadian dating site promoting extramarital relations.

About Singapore


Physically, Singapore is a small country at 715.8 square kilometers. In reality, it is one of Asia’s economic giants. It is South East Asia’s most progressive and most modern state.

The current population of Singapore is 5,638,700. 29% of this number are foreigners. The population is composed 74% Chinese, 13% Malay, 9% Indian, and 3% from other races.

Religion is quite diverse in the Republic of Singapore. 42% of the population is Buddhist, 15% are Christians, another 15% are Muslims, 9% are Taoists, and 4% are Hindus.

The leading industries in the country include shipping, banking, electrical and electronics, chemicals, tourism, and oil refining. Public holidays include New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year, Good Friday, Labor Day, Vesak Day, National Day, Hari Raya Haji, Deepavali, and Christmas Day.

A wealthy and highly innovative country, Singapore has a highly advanced information and technology infrastructure. Availability of internet access is high, where more than 90% of resident households have a broadband internet connection.

Fiber-based networks provide internet speeds of up to 1Gbps, or even more. The country’s national wireless network offers Singaporeans free public internet access via Wi-Fi hotspots, with speed of 5Mbps.

The best ISP’s in Singapore that offer 1Gbps fiber broadband include WhizComms, M1, StarHub, ViewQwest, MyRepublic, and SingTel.

Why You Need a VPN in Singapore

Use VPN in Singapore

The World Wide Web is a wonderful thing. It allows you to do multiple things from wherever you are.

However, it comes with a risk. The World Wide Web is basically a large network of computers, where anyone can maliciously spy on your activities.

You can choose to change your credentials constantly, but still, it does not give you full protection from threats.

VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, is a term thrown around a lot. It is used as a way to ensure your online security in the World Wide Web.

Through a VPN, you send and receive information through an external server. This way, other users and servers see a different IP address than the one that is assigned to your computer.

There are many general benefits to using a VPN. Here are some of them.

1. A VPN Protects You from Identity Theft

In today’s connected world, we do most of our activities online. These activities include shopping, paying bills, investments, and managing our funds.

Putting too much of ourselves online, from personal information to credit card details is dangerous. It makes you vulnerable to identity theft.

Many crimes are being committed through identity theft. Identity theft will not only cost you money, but it can also affect your credit record and your name.

A VPN encrypts and protects sensitive information that you send online. It hides your credit card number, your billing information, and your passwords.

2. It Protects You When You Use Public WI-Fi.

Public Wi-Fi’s are common in Singapore. If you always connect to public Wi-Fi in public places, then a VPN is a must for you.

Malicious people can easily snoop and see your online activities. They can easily intercept and capture sensitive information, such as credit card information and passwords.

With a VPN, anyone who tries to snoop into your connection will only see your connection to your VPN server. It prevents them from intercepting your sensitive details and information.

3. It Allows You to Access Blocked Sites

In countries where some sites are blocked, such as Singapore, a VPN can disguise your IP. By masking your IP, it can hide your country of origin.

A VPN is useful in countries where internet censorship is prevalent. Restrictions can be bypassed by VPN servers so you can view or stream any content that you want.

4. A VPN Gives You a Secure Information Transfer

If you are sending sensitive information online, a VPN can secure these documents for you. Sending private and sensitive documents in an unsecured internet connection is risky.

Confidential document leaks are common, and it can be avoided with a VPN. A VPN is definitely helpful for companies that use the web to exchange private documents between its employees.

5. A VPN Keeps Your Private Communication Secure

You would not want other people to spy on your private and intimate conversations. A VPN can keep your communication with friends and families safe and secure from spying eyes.

6. You Can Use It When You Travel

If you travel frequently, then a VPN must be a priority for you. Use the public Wi-Fi at the cafe, the airport, or your hotel, knowing that you are secured and protected.

7. It Gives You Peace of Mind

A VPN is an additional expense, but it allows you to use the internet worry free. Shop to your heart’s content, browse your favorite sites, without worrying that your usage is being watched and monitored.

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